Something monumental has occurred that will make it possible for Warren Apologetics Center
to finally move into its own apologetics facility
in 2014, if the Lord wills.
Big News!
A non-profit informational theistic center whose purpose is to affirm and defend the existence of God, the divine origin of the Bible, and the deity of Jesus Christ.
A 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt
Public Charity

Thomas B. Warren was a towering figure in the Lord's church of the 20th century. I am glad to see his heritage of faith preserved through the work of Warren Christian Apologetics Center. May the God of all truth guide this work in His grace to build faith in Him."

Gregory Alan Tidwell, Editor
Gospel Advocate
Warren Christian Apologetics Center
P.O. Box 5434
Vienna, WV 26105

The Supieriority of the
Christian Ethical System
by Rolland W. Pack [more]
A Manual for Making
More of a Mess
By Mac Deaver [more]
"Let Us Rise Up and Build"
By Charles C. Pugh III [more]
Perilous Times Demand
Powerful Revelation
By W. Terry Varner [more]
Will Herberg on Unbelief
By James D. Bales [more]
The Perilous Challenge
of Unbelief
By Charles C. Pugh III [more]
The Case for the Christ:
Resurrection and Jewish Transformation
By Caleb Colley  [more]
critique of 1985 historic conference
on the existence of God 
now available!   [bookstore]
With Wings as Eagles
By Thomas Bart Warren  [more]
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